Our next stop was Phoenix on Friday 4/15 where we stayed at a beautiful state park on one of their reservoirs called Lake Pleasant. What a welcome change from the commercial RV parks. Plenty of room and a georgeous view of the lake. Here Susan is making like a cactus.

We visited my sister and her husband, Nan and Larry Curtis, on Saturday. It was a great visit. We really hadn't had a chance to visit with them like this for way too many years.

On Sunday we toured the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden. It was beautiful and gave us a good education on the various desert plants and flowers.

Susan making like a cactus at Lake Pleasant

Susan and Nan in Nan's backyard

These blossoms were about 10" in diameter

This is a Century plant. They bloom once and die

A panoramic view of Lake Pleasant. It is located about 40 miles North of Phoenix