Las Vegas, NV
4/9/99 - 4/12/99
4/22/00 - 4/30/00

We ended up in Las Vegas on Friday 4/9. Since everyone has seen pictures of the Las Vegas strip, we thought we would show some pictures of some of the areas around Las Vegas. The cactus are in bloom and Bill took this picture at the Lake Mead visitor center.

We did spend one night on the strip by starting with seeing the stage play "CHICAGO" at the new Mandalay resort hotel. It was a great fun. We had hoped to get tickets to "O" at the Bellagio, but we couldn't get in for a week.

We also spent some time looking at possible areas to live. We visited a couple of open houses and looked at some lots in Boulder, NV overlooking Lake Mead. The Boulder area would be our choice if we decided to move to the Las Vegas area. All the new subdivisions have houses that are built "on top of each other." You could borrow a cup of sugar from your next door neighbor by leaning out of the window. Not something that appeals to us.

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April 2000

We were on our way to Las Vegas today when I (Bill), whimped out at Kingman, AZ due to high winds across California, Nevada, and Arizona. We took advantage of the delay to have the oil changed on the motorhome. This time we took it to a regular oil change facility and got it changed for $37.00 rather than the $80.00 plus dollars it had cost me the last two times. We stayed at the KOA in Kingman.


4/23/00 We made it into Las Vegas today about 11:00 a.m. We are staying at the Silverton Hotel/Casino and RV Park. It's located about 5 miles south of the beginning of the "strip." Thanks to my brother George we requested one of the wider sites that gives us a little more breathing room on either side of our unit.

As soon as we arrived we set up and headed into the Bellagio to see if we could get tickets to "O." Unfortunately the next available reservation is May 12th. We plan to spend a couple of days in the standby line hoping to get any unclaimed tickets.

Paris, Las Vegas CasinoVenetian Casino
We wanted to visit the two new hotel/casinos in town. The left is the Paris, Las Vegas and the right is inside the Venetian. Both of them are very impressive. You can see from the picture at the right that they created an atmosphere that gives the impression of being outside. It's really eerie, as you walk along the pathways, the clouds seem to move along with you.

This city is amazing! There is another new casino under construction next to the Paris, Las Vegas and I'm sure more are on the drawing board. No wonder Las Vegas is growing so fast, they need a small army to keep each of these casinos in operation.


On the left is the lush landscape outside of the Mirage Hotel/Casino By the way, don't forget this is in the desert. I'm not sure where all the water comes from, but no one seems too concerned about using all that's available.

On the right is the New York New York Hotel/Casino. This one has the Statue of Liberty in a small harbor with a fire boat spraying water around it.


4/26/00 Today we drove East of town toward Lake Mead. We took a road that led us through Valley of Fire State Park. The park gets its name from the fire-red rock shown in this picture. I took this picture on a hike Susan and I took back to a old watering hole called Mouse's Tank.


The flowers resemble desert daisies growing out of a Brittle Bush.

The hike was a hot one, but we didn't know how hot until we got back to the car and read the temperature gauge shown at the right. Remember, this is the 26th of April, I hesitate to think how hot it gets in the summer.

360 degree picture of Echo Bay on Lake Mead.

We both decided that we did not like Lake Mead near as well as Lake Powell. As you can see from the picture, the landscape around Lake Mead is rather barren and uninteresting. We were debating about renting a boat for a couple of hours but after stopping at three of the marinas on the lake we decided against it; the views are just not that interesting or inviting.


On Thursday we visited the Ethel M. Chocolates Cactus Botanical Gardens. We were very fortunate to find so many cactus and desert trees in blossum. Here are a few samples.

On Saturday we drove to the mountains that are Northwest of Las Vegas. As you can see from the above panorama, there is still a little snow in the mountains and the temperature was just about one-half of what is was earlier.