Our trip to Lake Havasu City in Arizona on 4/13 was not uneventful. One of our tires on the 5th wheel decided to tear itself apart in the middle of the desert not far from Laughlin, NV. Fortunately we were able to change it and get the tire replaced when we got to Lake Havasu City.

This is a beautiful little town that is in the middle of no-where. The campground we stayed is on an island that is reached by the London Bridge pictured to the left. This is the original bridge from London that crossed the Thames river. This is THE landmark in Lake Havasu City.

Housing here was very nice with reasonable sized lots but priced comparably with the Provo area. Since the town doesn't have much to offer, we thought they were a little overpriced.

We stayed there for two days and then headed for Phoenix on 4/15.

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