Grand Canyon, AZ
4/20/99 - 4/22/99
4/16/00 - 4/21/00

4/20/99 We drove to the Grand Canyon Park today. The weather today and Wednesday was in the lower 60's. Great weather for hiking and sightseeing. Unfortunately it went downhill from there. Thursday afternoon is started snowing, however, it was a beautiful sight watching the storm move across the canyon.

We left Friday morning, and drove through some more snow storms, enroute to Flagstaff, AZ. The weather improved somewhat from Flagstaff to Gallop, NM. We are still having trouble finding consistent warm weather.

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April 2000

4/16/00 Well here we are in the Grand Canyon again. We are staying at the Trailer Village RV park located in Grand Canyon park. It has full hookups and the nightly rate is $20.00 plus tax. Since we arrive early we were able to get an end site so we only have people parked on one side.






We had time to do some sightseeing on Sunday when we arrived. The drop next to Susan is probably around 2000 ft. straight down.

On Tuesday 4/18 we awoke to 1 1/2 inches of snow and a temperature just above freezing. This was deja vu from last year. However, this time we were able to get some snow pictures of the canyon before the snow melted. I have included a couple of pictures.

On Wednesday we hiked the Bright Angel Trail. This is a rim-to-rim trail that takes a minimum of two days to hike, however there are a number of destinations on the trail that can be day hikes. Bill hiked about three miles down and Susan hiked about two miles down. According to Susan, her titanium started to overheat so she stopped about a mile before Bill.

We forgot about this week being spring break and according to a park ranger, there were approximately 22,000 people visiting the park the last three days. This compares to about 24,000 on holiday weekends in the summer.

On Thursday we hiked 3 miles down the Kaibab trail. This connects to the Bright Angel trail toward the bottom of the canyon. The views along this trail were far more spectacular than the Bright Angel Trail and it was not near as crowded. This picture was taken on the Kaibab Trail.

This is a view from the Kaibab Trail showing the canyon view and the trail below us. Since the Bright Angel and the Kaibab trails are both used for mule trips, they are both fairly well maintained

A 360 degree panoramic view of the canyon.