Flagstaff, AZ
4/18/99 - 4/19/99

We arrived in Flagstaff, AZ on Sunday 4/18/99 and spent the night. On Monday we drove to Sedona, AZ through Oak Creek Canyon. Truly one of the most spectacular drives we have ever taken. Flagstaff is at about 7000 feet and Sedona is at just under 5000 feet so the difference in vegetation and rock formations is quite spectacular.

Sedona is a great place to visit, but we would not like to live there. It is expensive and it is a long way from any cultural activities.

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On our way north we stopped at Montezuma Castle National Park, located about 50 miles south of Flagstaff.
Sinagua farmers began building this five-story, 20-room dwelling early in the 12th century. It stands in a cliff recess a hundred feet above the valley. Early settlers marveled at the structure and thought mistakenly that it was Aztecan in origin. The dwelling was built against the base of the cliff. This was probably done to protect it from the elements and make it cooler during the hot summers. It is estimated that about 35 people lived here. Like most of the other dwelling is the Southwest, it was deserted between 1400 and 1450.



We stayed at Woody Mountain Campground and RV Park on Saturday night. This is a great campground with wooded sites and full hookup.