We arrived in Chattanooga on Saturday May 8th. It is a short one and one-half hour drive from Atlanta. We met Matthew and Eleanor in the morning and visited the only wooden horse carving school / shop in the U.S. They have carved all the animals for a new carousel that is being built in a riverside park in Chattanooga. They were absolutely beautiful.

Jamie and Ilse then joined us in the afternoon and we visited the Chattanooga Aquarium. It is second to none. If you are anywhere near Chattanooga you must stop in to see it. They also have a 3D Omni Max theater, also a must see.

On Sunday afternoon and Monday morning we spent time looking around at riverside real estate. Here again, prices of waterfront property has gone out of site. $600,000 for a house on 1 acre of waterfront property is not unusual. This was disappointing for us because we both really liked the city.

On Saturday night we had dinner with Eleanor's folks. We really enjoyed them and were very pleased we had a chance to meet them before the wedding. Which, by the way, is currently scheduled to happen sometime this October.

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