After leaving the Grand Canyon in a snow storm, yes we just can't seem to shake this weather, we arrived in Gallup, NM in a sandstorm. Good grief, we seem to go from one extreme to another. After driving through Gallup we both agree it would be better named as possibly a Trot or maybe just a Walk.

The next day we decided to drive to Chaco Canyon National Monument. This is a very intriqueing spot that has the ruins of the Chaco civilization that built a series of villiages that covered many square miles. The construction started aroudn 900 AD and was abandoned around 1350 AD. The organization and construction techniques were more advanced then those being used in Europe during the same timeframe.

Unfortunately, it is only reached by one of two dirt roads. We didn't have any trouble reaching it, but our visit was cut short by a rain storm that moved in about an hour after we arrived. We, unfortunately, decided to watch the informatioin movie and wait for the storm to pass. When we came out it was now raining very hard and the roads were starting to turn into the muck that happens when you pour water on clay. We started back the way came (the shortest route back) and were stopped by a truck and a camper mired in the mud; we could not pass. So I decided to go back and tell the ranger about their predicament and try the other way back, it was about 150 miles further but the dirt part of the road was supposed to be gravel. Ha, it was wider but not much better than the one we had been on. However, we did get through OK and made it back to Gallup about 7:00 that night. Cosidering we left Chaco about 3:00 that wasn't too bad.

Pictures of Chaco Canyon.