We arrived in Atlanta on May 5th. It was good to see Ilse and Jamie again. Their house is starting to take on their personality. They have done a great deal of work in their yard. The house is in mid-town just blocks away from downtown Atlanta where Ilse works. Very convenient.

We invited the kids out to our house (you know, home is where we park it). Before they left a tornado touched down in a small town about 20 miles away from us. Fortunately by the time they arrive the front had moved through. I hope this is the last tornado warning we have to go through on this trip.

We visited the Coca-Cola museum in downtown Atlanta on Friday. It was interesting but it was like one big info-mercial, and we even paid to get into it.

We left to go to Chattanooga on Saturday May 8th, and then came back again on Monday May 10th. On Monday night we had a very enjoyable dinner at Dale and Mary Hammers and we were surprised when Tim and Aleta Cox where there as well. The Hammers and Coxs are long time friends from IBM.

On Tuesday Sue and I drive to Lake Lanier to look it over as a possible place to move. The lake is only about 50 miles NE of Atlanta and as such, lakefront property is fairly expensive.

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