This was one of the nicest weather days we have had for awhile and the campground we stayed in was very nice. Wide sites and all paved.

We had planned on visiting the Natural History Museum in town but a disgrunteled steel worked changed all that. He had decided that this was the day he was going to jump off the roof of the museum and the police didn't take kindly to this. They evacuated the museum and blocked the streets goint to it. We decided to just look around the old downtown and have something to eat instead. They wouldn't even let us walk up the street to our truck that was parked across the street from the museum. We did find a back way and retrieved it. Oh and yes, they did get the gentleman down without injury. Tear gas will do that to a person.

We took a walk in their river / botanical garden and enjoyed that . We also took a tram ride to the top of the mountain to the West of Albq. which provided a great panoramic view of the city and surrounding country side. As luck would have it, we met the gentleman who was stuck in the road at Chaco Canyon and found out that the Ranger had found him and pulled him out of the mude. He decided to take the same long road out that we did but he wasm't as adept at following road signs. He took two wrong turns and got stuck and unstuck again. He ended up arriving back at his campground around mid-night, compared to our getting back at 7 pm.

We did enjoy Albuquerque and actually found an area where we would enjoy living if this was the place we would move. We have one picture of it on the next page.

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