Alachua, FL on 5/16 and 8/19

8/19 - We were planning to drive further today, but a large thunderstorm was forming ahead of us and we decided we'd rather not drive through it. We stayed at the same interesting campground as before.

We plan to make it to Cape Coral tomorrow.

By the way, when you travel to Florida you should fill your gas tank prior to entering the state. The gas prices jump at least 10 cents at the border.

5/16 - We left Atlanta this morning 5/16 and drove to Alachua, Fl. What, you never heard of Alachua? Neither had we and we still don't know how to pronounce it. It is located about 15 miles North of Gainsville, FL. Gainsville is listed as one of the better places in Florida to retire. We drove though it Sunday evening and we were not impressed.

The campground was very nice. It did have a rather unique way of parking RV's. Rather than individual sights, there were longs rows like roads that you drove up on an parked. Not sure how you would get out if you were parked in the middle of one of the roads with RVs in the front and back of you. However, this time of the year, there were only six overnight RVs in the park. Good time to be camping in Florida.