Missoula, MT 7/7 - 7/8/00

On Friday 7/7 we drove from Grangeville to Missoula along the route that follows the Clearwater and Lachsa rivers. The route was absolutely beautiful. This picture is just one example.
We arrived in Missoula around 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon. We are staying at Jim and Mary's RV Park just North of the city. Missoula is a lovely city surrounded by rolling hills with scattered groves of pine covering them. We stopped here because we wanted to visit the AAA and get some routing information to Glacier Park, our next destination.

It seems that car shows are a big thing in the West. This one in Missoula lasted for three days and drew over 700 custom and restored vintage automobiles. It's amazing the amount of work, time, and money people are willing to pour into these cars. It was quite a show.

Susan read about a carousel in town with hand-made horses so we had to see it. While we were standing there a woman walked by and Susan commented that from the back she looked a lot like a friend of ours from Provo. Well, when she turned around it was Jennifer Heldenbrand from Provo. Here husband Dave walked up just a few minutes later. We couldn't believe our good fortune in meeting them here. We spent some time chatting, took a ride on the carousel and then went out for some food and drinks. It was a real joy seeing them again.