Mitchell and Sioux Falls, SD 7/28 & 29

Famil-E-Fun Campground - Mitchell, SD 7/28
We got our first dose of what the next 24 hours was going to bring us when we were hit by a thunderstorm with golf-ball sized hail at the KOA campground outside of the Badlands. I thought the car would look like Swiss cheese but most of the damage was to the aluminum trim around the windows with about six dents in the body. Not near as bad as it could have been.

So we headed for Sioux Falls, SD with the idea of contacting a State Farm agent so we could fill out a claim. Well, we didn't make it. To quote a friend from Utah, John Hanson, "Shallbetter's have the worst luck in the best places". The LH outer dual tire blew out and shredded itself before I could stop, about 300 feet. Fortunately, we were about 1/4 mile from an exit to a small town called White Lake. Susan took the car and found a garage that would change the tire for us. He came out to look at it but we decided it would be easier if I limped into town so they could change it at their garage.

Once changed we headed off again but it still didn't seem to drive right so I stopped and checked the tires again. Now the RH inner dual was flat; probably had been for awhile. So we called the same garage and they came out and filled the tire with air. It went flat because the valve extension from the inner tire had come loose, had worn down and released all the air. Now $106.00 later we were off. We only got as far as Mitchell because it was getting late and they had a Goodyear dealer in town who may have the replacement tire we needed.

We called the Goodyear dealer in the morning and they didn't have the tire we needed. We called the Goodyear dealer in Sioux Falls and were told that they had plenty of them. So we drove to Sioux Falls on Saturday.

Sioux Falls KOA - Sioux Falls, SD 7/29
Well, after dropping the trailer off at the campground and heading for the Goodyear dealer, we discovered they had made a mistake and they did not have the replacement tire after all. So I got the oil changed in the motor home and we did some sightseeing in Sioux Falls.

We called the Goodyear dealer in Fargo and they are holding a tire for us. We'll be there on Monday.

Just to let you know, there is a falls in Sioux Falls. And, surprise, it's located in Falls Park. They were having a festival while we were there with lots of artisans displaying and selling their wares.