Bozeman, MT 7/13 - 14

At one time Montana did not have any speed limits on their roads. The speed was determined by whatever was reasonable for prevailing conditions. I guess if you lost control and wrapped yourself around a tree then the speed was not reasonable. Not they have posted speed limits. As an example, this road has a posted speed limit of 70 mph day and 60 mph night. I felt uncomfortable going 50 in the motorhome. You can see the shoulders are about the width of a tire and usually dropped off immediately after that. I just thought this was noteworthy for you folks who would like to open it up on the highways, Montana is the place to come. The interstates are posted at 75.

Montana is a beautiful state. We went from the Rocky Mountains in Glacier Park in the Northwest, to flat plains painted green with new crops around Great Falls, to rolling hills mottled with dark green evergreen near Helena, and now in Bozeman the hills are morphing into mountains again. Of course we are seeing it at its best. As we were driving along the narrow secondary roads I was imagining how they would look in the Winter with wind driven snow covering everything in sight, including the road. I quickly got my mind back to the beautiful day we were experiencing.

Today was a long day of driving for us. We left Glacier about 11:15 a.m. and arrived in Bozeman around 6:00 p.m. For the most part we took the back roads because they provided a more direct route, but we ran into construction that slowed us down. That and we did our good deed for the day when we helped four Blackfoot Native Americans get help for one of their friends who had twisted her knee. This was about noon and they were already feeling no pain from the effect of consuming too much liquor for brunch.
We are staying at the Sunrise Campground in Bozeman, MT. We chose it because it had the lowest rate in the area ($18.00). Unfortunately, we got what we paid for. All the pull-through sites are arranged back-to-back. This means your door is facing the door of the next unit. Not much privacy. Also there is a railroad track and a freeway on either side of the campground so it isn't very quiet. Other then those items it is a clean and well-kept campground.

The reasons we chose to stop in Bozeman was to visit Julie Peterson, Susan's sister Lois's daughter. She is working here for the summer to save up money for school. She is attending Boise State University and will be going back this fall. She also has a car that has been giving her fits so Bill will take a look at it to see if he can come up with a fix.

Car update: It appears to me that there was water in the gas tank. When I tried to start it I saw water droplets on the butterfly valve. I did get it started and put additives in the fuel to absorb the water and clean the injectors. It ran beautifully for us all day. If she continues to have problems there may be water getting into the gas tank from a leak somewhere.