Washington, DC area from 6/9 through 6/16

Our trip to DC was not without incident. When we stopped at a truck stop between Richmond and Frederickburg, VA, a truck driver came over to point out that something was dragging under our camper. It was the grey water tank and the panel that covers it. It had been dragging for quite a while since a good portion of one corner was ground off.

After calling a number of RV dealers, Reines RV in Manassas, VA volunteered to take a look at it in the morning. I was able to fit it back into place so we could drive it there. We spent the night in their parking lot and in the morning they remounted the tank for us. Unfortunately, they were not able to locate another tank, so I bought some epoxy for plastic and a thick plastic sign. I cut the sign to fit the damaged area, epoxied it in place, and held it all in place with duct tape. So far it is working. However, with all the problems I am having with this RV, my patience is wearing thin.

The picture is of the Washington monument looking across the reflecting pool from the Lincoln Memorial.


This is in the Reines RV parking lot in Manassas, VA






We stayed in a campground in Haymarket, VA. It is about 40 miles west of the beltway around the Washington, DC area. It was nice and quiet, but the sites we stayed in were very tightly spaced. It didnn't matter much to us since we didn't spend much time there.

We signed a contract to sell our townhouse in Burke, VA to the couple who have been renting from us since we purchased it almost 18 years ago.

We also visited with some of our friends in the area. It is always a pleasure to see them again. This is especially true of the crew that Susan worked with from Fairfax County Schools. They are such a fun group to be with. We are looking forward to entertaining them in Florida. You all know who you are and the invitation is now in writing.

More pictures of the DC area.