Selma, NC June and October - 1999

10/26/99 - 10/29/99

Here we are in Selma again. Same place, different RV.

We visited our friends in Raleigh again. The kids are still doing great and it was good to see the DeSimone family again. We had dinner at their house on Wednesday night and then we had lunch with Carolyn and her sister Trish on Thursday. A very enjoyable eveing and afternoon.

Again, I didn't take pictures of the lake and the white swans that are all over. However I did get a picture of Jonathan and Drew eating dinner.

Susan wanted to go to Pullin Park in Raleigh to look at a merry-go-round that has original carved wooden horses. We found it and we also found the park itself to be delightful. This is a picture of Susan next to the lake.

This was one of our longest days driving. We drove from just outside Jacksonville, FL to Selma, NC today.

What made this a special stop was we had an opportunity to see Carolyn DeSimone, her children and her family that evening. We knew Carolyn when she lived in Utah. It was fun to see her two boys again, we haven't seen them for about 4 years. Both the boys are under 5 years old and kids change so much in at that time.

I forgot my camera so I missed an opportunity to take any pictures. This was particularly maddening because Carolyn lives with her folks in a beautiful home on a small lake in Cary, NC. The picture I missed was her and the kids feeding a white swan mother and her brood on the glassy lake with the sun setting in the background. It was a Kodak (or a least a digital) moment.

We are heading for the DC area today.