Medora, ND - Theodore Roosevelt National Park, 6/29 - Our 36th wedding anniversary!

This is a wide angle shot of the Bad Lands of North Dakota. It is now know as Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Today started just like yesterday, cloudy and rainy and then cleared up in the afternoon. The temperature was in the mid to upper 70's and partly cloudy. A very nice day for touring and hiking in the park.

Here are two pictures of some of the lovely flowers in the Bad Lands.










OK, so I'm trying to make points; after all it is our anniversary.

Just another picture inside the park.



There are herds of wild horses in the park. When the herds grow too large, some of them are rounded up and sold at auction. This herd had at least four foals (young horses).








We stayed at a commercial campground on the outskirts of Medora. It was quiet and we were on an outside site without anyone beside us.

Whoops, correction on the quiet, a train just went through town and blew its whistle at the crossing about 1/2 mile away. Oh well......