Seattle to Spokane, WA 6/27 - 6/28

Oasis RV and Golf Resort in Ephrata, WA 6/27
We got a late start on Tuesday as we headed out to Spokane. Susan had left her Franklin Planner at Kathy's house so she met us for lunch and returned Susan's planner. However, it was a very pleasant way to bid her good-bye. We had lunch sitting outside at a restaurant right over the water next to the Vashon ferry.
We left Seattle area around 1:30 p.m. and got as far as Ephrata, WA, which is about half way to Spokane. We stopped here because we wanted to visit the Grand Coulee Dam and watch the evening laser show they have on the face of the dam. (1 of 5)

This is the Grand Coulee Dam. Construction started in 1933 and was completed in 1941 at a cost of just over 300 million dollars. This is another of President Roosevelt's forward looking WPA projects that continues to benefit us into the 21st century. It was built to supply irrigation water to the area and of course to generate electricity. The dam is just under a mile long. It doesn't look that long until you drive over it. The 36 minute laser show was projected on this side of the dam. (2 of 5)
This shows the opening the spill gates to allow white foamy water flow down the spillways to provide a white surface for the laser show. Unfortunately, the light wasn't bright enough to get shots of the laser show itself. (3 of 5)

Our next stop was in Spokane, WA. We stayed at a Yogi Bear Campground just 10 miles West of Spokane. It is was nice but a little pricey. They have a fantastic miniature golf setup, and most important, they have free phone hook-up at each site. (4 of 5)

The real reason for our stop in Spokane was to visit Susan's Uncle Herb and Aunt Dorothy. Unfortunately, Herb was in the hospital being treated for an infection. We did visit him at the hospital. Fortunately he was improving nicely and was in good spirits. We spent a lovely evening with Dorothy getting updated on numerous events in their life. (5 of 5)