Brainerd, MN 8/14 - 8/17/00
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This is the real Minnesota hero, Paul Bunyan. Here he is outside the Paul Bunyan Historical Museum in Akaley, MN. Unfortunately the museum was closed when we drove by on our way to Brainerd.

We didn't leave the Whipporwill until about 5:00 pm so we arrived at Sullivans Resort and Campground about 7:00 pm. It is located on North Long Lake which is about seven miles north of Brainerd Minnesota. It has an indoor pool and a great swimming beach. We hope to visit Tom and Carol at "the cabin" while we are here.

South Long Lake, Brainerd, Minnesota
June, 1999

We arrived at South Long Lake on Tuesday June 22nd. This is one of our long awaited destinations. My dad built this cabin in 1932 and it has been in the family since then. My brother Tom has owned since 1974 and it looks better now then I have ever seen it look.

The weather so far has been fantastic. Temperatures in the mid 80's during the day and the upper 50's at night. There has been a breeze off the lake during the day so the Minnesota Air Force (mosquitoes) have not been a factor. That is until the wind dies down at night.

Since there is not any room to park the 5th wheel by the cabin, the neighbor across the street was not using their cabin so they allowed us to park in their driveway while we were there.








This is not a very good picture of everyone, but left to right are Carol and Tom Shallbetter, Laura Shallbetter (wife of Tom's son Tim), their eight year old twins, Kyle and Richard sitting on Susan's lap.







The chipmunks, or chiprats as Tim calls them,. are very tame. Here Richard is feeding one of them a peanut. They have been known to come up on a lap and get a peanut out of a pocket.






Tom has always been an extraordinary artist. These are just a few of his paintings hanging in the cabin.








The last few years Tom has been making the most beautiful stained glass lamps and panels. Each one outdoing the previous one. The one to the left is hanging over the dining room table.




The two below are examples of one of his lamps and one of his panels.









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