Streetsboro, Ohio June 17th

We left Haymarket, VA and drove to Streetsboro, OH today. Most of the drive was in a light but fairly constant rain. The Pennsylvania turnpike is still just as dismal, bumpy and always under construction as I remembered it. It was a pleasure to get to the Ohio turnpike. It is mostly three lane and is smooth and a pleasure to drive on.

Susan found another great campground. It is Mar-Lynn Campground in Streetsboro, OH. It is about 3 miles from the Ohio turnpike. It very wide campsites and a little lake that was quite pleasant to stroll around. The temperature got down to 42 degrees during the night. This is the first time we've had the furnace on since we left the Grand Canyon. It did make for great sleeping.








We went for a walk in the campground and Susan found a swing. Like any kid, she had to give it a try. I of course had to take pictures. I was trying to show how high she was getting, but she nixed the picture because she did not want any BUTT shots. Sooo, I modified the picture somewhat to eliminate the BUTT shot. I hope this gets by the censor.