Seattle, WA area 6/12 - 16
Second stop in Seattle 6/25 - 26

We left the Mt St Helens area today in a rain storm. Susan thought she was seeing animals walking two-by-two through the woods. However our prayers were answered when we arrived at Gig Harbor RV Park in Gig Harbor, WA. The sun was breaking through and the temperature got up to the mid 60s. What a treat! (1 of 7)


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On Tuesday we went to Vashon Island to visit Susan's cousin Kathy White. She lives on a 10 acre estate that looks more like a botanical garden than a private resitence. The above pictures just give a sampling of what she has done to the property. (3 of 7)

A few of the flowers that caught my attention. (4 of 7)

Museum of Flight at Boeing Field in Seattle, WA.
On Tuesday we visited the Museum of Flight hosted by Boeing Corporation. The way they displayed their planes it reminded me of the Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC. This one room had everthing from a WWI Jenny to the Lockheed M-21 Blackbird. (5 of 7)

On Thursday we had a beautiful clear day and we could see Mt. Rainier. As we were coming home the moon was coming out so I stopped to take this picture. (6 of 7)

360 degre view of Seattle from the Space Needle. (7 of 7)

Second stop in Seattle 6/25 - 26

On Sunday we drove back to Gig Harbor RV Park. The day was absolutely beautiful with the temperature in the mid 80's. This is very rare in the Seattle area and is a day to be cherished. Susan called her cousin Kathy to see if we could come over to visit and fix supper for her. Since she lives on Vashon Island we took the auto ferry to get there. There area has numerous ferries that move people about. Some are small like this one and other are large like the one below.
The view of Mt. Rainier is from Kathy's yard. It is a rare day that it can be seen this clearly. ( 1 of 4)


This is inside the passenger ferry we took from Bremerton to Seattle. It's a hydrofoil powered by two huge turbofan engines. I'm not sure of the distance from Bremerton to Seattle but the tripon this ferry takes 30 minutes and the same trip takes over an hour on the auto ferry. On all the ferries they collect fare in one direction only; on this one they collected on the return trip from Seattle. (2 of 4)


The main reason we went to Seattle today was to take the underground tour. It all started in 1898 when downtown Seattle burned to the ground. After they rebuilt the downtown area they decided to raise the street level by one story. They did this to get the streets above the high tide level and to improve their sewer system so the toilets wouldn't back-up during high tide. The result was this ignored underground complex which was actually the ground level prior to raising the street level. As you can see, the only commercial use of this area is the tour we took. (3 of 4)
In 1914 the typewriter tycoon L. C. Smith finished this 42-story tower - the "Tallest Building West of the Mississippi."
The garage in the foreground is referred to as "The Sinking Ship Garage". Unfortunately it replaced an absolutely gorgeous Victorian style hotel that occupied that site. I put this picture in here to show how steep the streets are in the business district. It surprised both of us. You can walk into a building on the fourth floor on one street and on the first floor one street West. (4 of 4)