Bakersfield, CA 5/3- 5/8/00

We got the brochure for this campground, Bakersfield Palms RV Park, at the Silverton RV park in Las Vegas. The discount price was right and they have free local phone access at each site. This is a first for us. Usually if there is phone access at the site there is a per-call charge for each call. So I have been taking advantage of this. However, the train tracks on one side, the truck stop on the other side and the numerous "permanent residents" do give meaning to the term "Trailer Trash." Also, there are the narrowest sites we have encountered. What we will put up with for free local phone access.

I had heard a great deal about the Kern river as a great kayaking river here in California. So when I saw that it went through town I was anxious to see it. Well, if you look between the two trees in the middle of the picture where Susan is looking, you will see the river bottom. That's right, no water. Obviously all the water is being diverted somewhere before it reaches town. This is not at all unusual. We have crossed numerous wide riverbeds that have been bone dry. It takes a lot of water to grow the crops and keep all the people in this state hydrated.


Kern River Panorama
Well we found where the water disappears. This is the end of the dam on the Kern river where all the water is diverted into irrigation canals and empty the river bed. This is about five miles up-river from the picture above.

The main reason we came to Bakersfield was to visit Susan's cousin Nancy Johnson. We had dinner with her and her daughter Jeannie on Friday night. Nancy called first thing Saturday morning to see if we would like to visit the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. So here we are. It is a magnificent complex on a hill overlooking Los Angeles. This is looking at the main courtyard from a 2nd floor balcony.

This is a view of the garden from the same balcony. This is a private museum, yet the admission is free. I wasn't able to take any pictures inside.

Nancy and Susan enjoying a good laugh at the Getty Museum.