Crescent City, CA 5/25 - 28/00

Another short day of about 70 miles; this really makes traveling a pleasure. We decided to "hunker" down for the weekend in Crescent City, CA. This will be our last stay in California before heading up to Oregon. We are staying at the Village Camper Inn RV Park just north of town. It seems to have more than its share of semi-permanent seasonal-campers, however, we are only paying $15.30 per night so we can't complain. Our average cost per night has been around $25.00 for a full-hookup with cable. (1st picture of 6)


On March 28th, 1964 the town was hit by a Tsunami that inundated about 1/2 of the town and killed 12 people. The Tsunami was actually a series of giant waves created by an underwater earthquake off the coast of Alaska. The waves traveled at over 500 miles per hour so they hit the town with tremendous force. In 1986 they decided to reinforce the existing breakwater with these "things" called Doloes (tetrahedrons). They are 15 feet from point to point, made of reinforced concrete, and each one weights in at approximately 84,000 lbs. They somewhat resemble huge cement "jacks". For those of you who don't remember, "Jacks" was a game you would play with a ball and toy jacks that resembled these big tetrahedrons. You got that? (2 of 6)


Saturday was a bummer with rain all day long. So when Sunday was sunny we went exploring. This is a one-lane dirt road through Redwood National Forest outside of Crescent City. It was a beautiful drive being surrounded by these giants of the forest. We put the top down and turned the heat up so we could enjoy an unobstructed view of the forest. (3 of 6)


This is the Crescent City Lighthouse. It is located on a rock outcropping next to the breakwater and you can only get to it at low tide. Unfortunately we arrived too late to take the tour.

The purple ice plants make a beautiful ground cover. (4 of 6)


We drove up to Brookings-Harbor, OR because they were having an Azalea Festival. Unfortunately the azaleas had already bloomed and dropped by this time, however the festival itself was in full bloom. Of course the Show and Shine caught my attention. (5 of 6)

An Oregon beach landscape pano outside of Brookings, OR
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