Redway, CA 5/20 - 21/00

Today we thought we would have an easy day traveling, only about 80 miles to travel. The problem was we were on US 1 that goes along the coast and it has even worse switchbacks than the road into Fort Bragg. I decided to disconnect the Sebring and let Susan follow me so I wouldn't end up scraping it against one of the tight walls on the side of the road. Susan enjoyed it because it was warm enough to put the top down.
We are staying at the Dean Creek Resort and RV Park in Redway, CA. We almost have the campground to ourselves.

We arrived early enough to take a drive along the 32 mile long Avenue of The Giants. It travels through Humboldt Redwoods State Park. The picture on the left was taken along the road and the one on the right can give you an idea of the size of an average redwood.

This is a typical scene inside the forest. The forest floor is covered with green ferns and moss.

On Sunday 5/21, we drove to a small town on the coast called Shelter Cove. The following pictures were taken on a beach just North of town. Again, the road getting to it was narrow with continuous switchbacks. I was wishing we still had the Porsche 911, this was the kind of road I looked for with that car.

The town had an airport in the middle of it and judging by the number of airplanes parked along the runway, it looked like a large number of owners flew in for the weekend.

This is another view looking South along the beach.


Just a picture to let you know the two of us are still OK.