Fort Wilderness at Disney World in Kissimmee, Florida May 17
Visit to Kissimmee in January 2000

We stayed at the Fort Wilderness in Disney World Monday night May 17th. This is a picture of one of the RVs you can stay in if you don't have one of your own. You have to bring a fat wallet because it will cost you over $200.00 to stay in this. Good Grief!!! We paid $60 for a one night stay. This compares to an average of $25 / night that we have been paying.

Since we only stayed one day, I didn't get many shots in the park. We did ride our bikes on some of the many roads and trails available to us. We also rented a Water Mouse. This is a small two person boat with a 10 hp outboard motor on it. They are not very fast but it did give us an opportunity to see the park from the water. We did get some shots using Susan's camera, but not with my digital camera.

The campground is beautiful with every site located on wooded loops. However, since the campground was designed a number of years ago when a large RV was 27 feet long, the roads are very narrow and tree lined. Needless to say I was very nervous about whether or not I was going to be able to get the RV out of the space once I got it in. It was fortunate that the space across the road was not occupied when we left so I was able to make a big arc through it to pull the camper out without having to cut down any trees in the process

Secret Lake RV Resort in Kissimmee

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