Ft. Bragg, CA 5/16 - 19/00

The trip from Dunnigan to the coast was an interesting one to say the least. The road was steep and winding with most curves marked 20 or 30 mph I took my time an we arrived safely. We are staying at Pomo RV Park at Ft. Bragg. It is one of the best RV parks we've stayed in. Each site is approximately 35 feet wide and separated by shrubs. It looks more like a state park campground than a commercial RV park.


5/17 We visited the Mendocino Botanical Garden today. It covered 47 1/2 acres that spread from the US 1 to the ocean. Here Susan is enjoying a Rodidendrum and on the right is a view of the ocean with Ice Plants in flower.

The picture on the left is a Calla Lily in the campground. These seem to grow like weeds everywhere. The blossoms are about 6 - 8" in long and they stand about 2 to 4 feet off the ground on a slender stalk.
The flowers on the right is a close-up of the Ice Plant. They are succulents that seem to grow mostly on the bluffs overlooking the ocean.

This is another view of the flowers and ocean at the botanical gardens. Susan is barely visible at the top left of the picture.

360 degree view of Mendicino, CA. This was Cabot Cove in the TV show "Murder She Wrote".
5/18 Mendocino is only about eight miles South of Ft. Bragg. It is a typical tourist town with many quaint little stores. The town was established in 1851 and now the entire town is on the Historical Register.