Barstow, CA 5/1- 2/00

We arrived in Barstow, CA about mid-afternoon today and stayed at the Barstow/Calico KOA. The sites are fairly narrow but each site is separated from the adjoining sites by bushes and trees. We also encountered an interesting phenomenon in California. Gas on one end of town was $1.95 a gallon and about 5 miles away on the other side of town it was $1.42. It certainly pays to shop prices. 50 gallons of gas could mean the difference of $25.00. Weather has been in the 90's. Dry climate or not, it is HOT outside.


Panoramic view looking down on the Calico, CA ghost town.
On Tuesday we visited Calico Ghost Town. This is a restored silver-mining town that was a boom town from 1881 to 1895. There was approximately 13 million dollars worth of silver mined during that time. That's big money today, but that was in the 1890's. They have done a great job in keeping the aged appearance of the town. All the store fronts are made of well-weathered wood or stone. Only two of the original buildings remained, the remainder were rebuilt from early pictures of the town.

They had the requisite staged gun fights in the street during the day. They also had self-guided mine tours and a short ride on an old train.