Fort Stockton,TX 3/8-3/10

Fort Stockton is about 1/2 way between San Antonio and El Paso TX on US hiway 10. This is the only reason I can see that anyone would stop here. Now that I've said that, we ended up staying three days. The days were bright and warm (upper 70's), yet pleasantly cool in the shade. Just the way we remember Utah being in the Summer. There REALLY isn't much to Fort Stockton. We are still not sure where people live. The town is a strip where the highway used to go through it and outside of that there is cactus, sagebrush and a lot of small bushes with thornes that are at least an inch long.

We stayed at the Fort Stockton KOA, which is For Sale By Owner, just in case you may be interested in an investment opportunity. We just found it very pleasant to just hang here for awhile. The scene above was in taken in the morning. By 5:00 oclock in the afternoon, it is usually about 1/2 to 3/4 full.

This is a metal cutout that is done by a local crafts person. They are all over the area. By the way, the picture was taken downtown and you can see how crowded it is.


With gas prices going up on a daily basis, we were looking for, and finding, gas in the strangest places. Thisis one of the original "gas pumps". You actually pumped the gas into the glass cylinder at the top and them drained it into your gas tank.

3/10 Friday - We decided to go bike riding on the road that leads away from the campground. After we had ridden a couple of miles, Susan's front tire went flat. This will also give you and idea of how desolate it is out here.


The cactus are just starting to bloom.