Benson and Tucson, AZ
3/17 - 23

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These are the spring-fed ponds in the RV park where we stayed. Susan is feeding the local geese.

3/18 - We drove 20 miles South to Tombstone, AZ today and as luck would have it they were having Tombstone Days. The highlight of the day were the firefighter competitions. Volunteer firefighters from a number of small communities in Arizona competed.

The competition on the left involved two teams trying to move a barrel suspended on a cable over to the opposite side by use of fire hoses. This caused water spray up to a block away.

The one on the right involved a bucket brigade that had to fill the 50 gallon container by filling and passing water buckets down the line from the water trough. First place goes to the team filling the container in the shortest time. Susan and I are real suckers for this kind of thing. This is the REAL America and we love it.

This is some of the local transportation in downtown Tombstone. It is right out of the old West. The streets are paved but the sidewalks are wooden and are all covered and the store fronts all try to maintain an authentic weathered look. To add to the experience, there are a number of cowboys, from the three gun show shootouts in town, walking around in period outfits including six-guns and 10 gallon hats.

When you're in Tombstone you have to see the re-enactment of the gunfight at the OK corral. Actually it took place in an alley behind the OK Corral in a area that was no more than 40 feet wide and the cowboys were standing about 5 feet apart. Kind of difficult to miss what they were shooting at.

A visit to Tombstone wouldn't be complete without
a visit to the cemetery. Here are a couple of the
tombstones that caught our attention.

In case you can't read them:

Left side:

Right side:


On Sunday (3/19) we visited Pima Air and Space Museum located just south of Tucson. They have a huge display of aircraft ranging from a replica of the Wright Flyer to the SR-71 Blackbird. We arrived here about 10:15 and left about 4:30. The displays were excellent, and the tour guides were older gentlemen who had actually flown some of the planes on display. Lots of interesting stories that seemed to make the planes come alive. If you are interested in aviation, this is a must-see attraction.


They had an entire hanger devoted to the B-17 crews who flew over Germany. The B-17 was lovingly restored and the displays were professionally done and very informative.

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This is a 360 degree view of just one of the rows of airplanes they have on display outside the hangers.

On Monday 3/20 we went on a "Tag-Along" trip to Gammons Gulch ghost town movie set. It was about 10 miles North from the campground. The campground sponsors a couple of these trips to different locations every week. They also provided lunch to us at the ghost town.

This is a recreation of a 1890's ghost town that has been the site of about a half dozen western movies and is also a tourist attration. They have done a reasonable job in the recreation, as you can see in the 360 panoramic picture below. This was really a "step back in time" as we walked down the dirt street with the bar, hotel, assayers office, blacksmith, etc lining both sides of the street.

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Your assignment is to find the item that does not fit in this 1890's mining town. ( Excluding the visitors and their cars parked at the end of the street)

Morning of 3/21. Good grief we thought we were too far south for snow! Yesterday the wind blew all day long and by the afternoon it had clouded over and started to springle. By about 9:00 at night the temperature had fallen to 32 degrees and started to snow. This picture was taken this morning about 7:30.