San Antonio, TX 2/27 - 3/7

2/27 We had a pleasant drive from Houston today. Warm day, sunshine; just the kind of day we enjoy traveling. We are staying Alamo Fiesta RV Resort in Boerne (pronounced "bur nee"), TX. Unfortunately, we couldn't get on the web since it's a long-distance call to our access line in San Antonio. However, a fellow RVer in Houston mentioned that he had gone to Kinkos to get on line. So we found one in San Antonio and sure enough, we could use their modem line free of charge.

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Downtown San Antonio is a wonderful mixture of the old and new. Many of the older buildings date to the 1800's. Many of the newer buildings do try to mimic the1800's Spanish style architecture. The panorama above and the 360 degree pano below, were taken along the river walk that winds through San Antonio. It's below the street level so regardles of what is happening at the street level, it's always calm and quiet at the river walk level.
If you look closely you may see Susan's twin sister.

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If you visit downtown San Antonio you must visit the Alamo. Surprisingly, it is in the middle of downtown in a beautiful park-like setting. The chapel, in the middle of the pano, is one of three buildings that have survived since the battle of the Alamo.