Panama City Beach, FL 2/10 - 2/16

Another beautiful day as we drove to Panama City Beach. Temperatures in the mid-60s and not a cloud in the sky.
This campground, Magnolia Beach RV Park, does not have an empty site available. It is located directly on a beautiful bay that leads to the gulf. It has sandy beaches with a dock that goes out abut 30 yards.

2/11 This morning we were watching the Today at a later time then we thought we should, only to realize we had crossed into a new time-zone. Not that knowing the correct time makes much difference to us. Tee-hee!!

We decided to jell-out on the beach today. The temperature was in the lower 70's with a light breeze so it made a good day to enjoy the sunshine and the light breezes. The beach sand here is almost pure white and softer then the sand on St. Augustine beaches.

2/14 Well, here we go again. Memories of last year when we were out-running tornadoes across Texas and Oklahoma. Last night (Sunday) there was a tornado watch for the area we were staying. Fortunately,none were spotted here but they did touch down about 50 miles north of us and there were over a dozen people killed. It's not fun sitting in a motorhome watching the TV weathermen announcing the approach of the line of thunderstorms that could produce tornadoes at any time.

Susan is saving sea shells by the seashore. (Say that 10 times fast.)


A surfer resting on the beach.

2/14 We decided to stay a couple more days in Panama City Beach, but we had to move to another site, since ours was spoken for. The site they gave us was one of the bay view sites. This is the view looking out over St. Andrews bay from the inside of the motorhome.