St. Augustine, FL 1/31 to 2/6

We made it to Ocean Grove Camp Resort about 2:30 this afternoon. If finally stopped raining just before we arrived, however, the temperature is in the upper 40's. This is quite a change from yesterday when it hit the lower 70's.

The campground is pleasant enough, however after almost one year of staying at various RV parks, this is the first one that is charging us to us the modem connection. $1.00 for 15 minutes and $3.00 for 30 minutes. We made a note not to return to this park.

We discovered that we can actually drive on the beach. The sand is so hard packed the tires barely make an impression. The low temperatures sure keep the people off the beach, in three miles we only passed two cars.

Bob came to visit us in St. Augustine. The first stop was in at the Castillo De San Marco. This was completed in 1695 by the Spanish. The fort was never captured or destroyed. It changed hands between the Spanish and the English a couple of times before Spain cedes Florida to the United States. It was taken over by the National Park Service in 1935 and is still being renovated.

. Since all three of us are of the age to remember Ripley's Believe It Or Not column in the Sunday newspapers, we had to visit the museum in St. Augustine.

Here Susan is checking her make-up in one of the mirrors in the museum.

This is the main shopping street in the old town section of St. Augustine. It was foot traffic only so it made it easy to wander up and down the street and visit the many shops along the way.

We found a quaint little wine shop where we found a bottle of Cardinal Zin. Matthew had introduced us to this at Thanksgiving and it has become one of our favorite choices.

We stopped at the local grocery story and purchased some cole slaw, cold chicken and Greek olives. We took these and our bottle of wine and went to the beach for lunch. As you can see it was a little chilly. The temperature was in the 50s but the wind put the chill factor much lower, however it made for great kite flying.

This is the St. Augustine lighthouse. It is still and active lighthouse being used for navigation today. It is 165 feet tall with 215 steps to the top. We decided to skip the walk to the top.