Kissimmee, FL 1/25 to 1/29/00
Visit to Disney World in 1999

1/25 We arrived at the Secret Lake RV park about 3:30 pm today and the temperature was 55 degrees with a good wind blowing. This was quite a change to the 70s we were experiencing in Ft. Myers.

I decided to stay here because we could get access to a phone line from the campsite without having to go to the office to get on the web. I hope to do some web-browsing while we are here.

We purchased discount tickets from AAA to Sea World and Kennedy Space Center and to a Pirate dinner show. So, we have a couple days of activity planned.

The Pirate dinner show was a bust. The dinner was chicken and beef with rice and veggies. You could have all you could eat along with all the sangria or beer you wanted. However, the show was not much better than what you might see at a high school play.

We visited downtown Disney World and one of the attractions was Lego World. Here Susan is resting on a Lego tourist. Notice the black socks with a hole in the toe of the RH sock. There was a snoring sound coming from the statue. There was also a lego dragon in the lake.

On Friday we visited Sea World. The weather was threatening when we arrived and it started a light drizzle about an hour later that contininued on and off the rest of the day. It did make it easy to get seats at any of the shows we attended.

This is what you expect to see at Sea World, two dolphins jumping from the pool. All the shows we saw were just great. It always amazes me how they trese mammals to do the tricks they perform.

We saw four different shows and each one was as good as the last.

The picture at the left shows two manatees at Sea World. They look like reflections, but they are the manatees. You can see how big these are compared to the girl standing on shore.

The great snowy egret caught our attention for its' hair-like back feathers.