Fort Myers, FL 9/20 - 10/4

Here we are back in Ft. Myers waiting for our furniture to arrive at our house in Cape Coral. The owners here wanted me to make some more advertising flyers for them so it is paying for our stay here. When the credit runs out we'll move the camper to the Cape Coral house for awhile. Then we'll put it up for sale and into storage.




Fort Myers, FL 11/28 - 12/12

We left Atlanta on Saturday 11/27 and drove to Northern Florida Saturday night. I didn't get a picture of that park.

We drive to Fort Myers on Sunday and found a new RV park called Cypress Woods RV Resort in Ft. Myers. It really is the best park we have stayed at. It is designed as a retirement community with each lots for sale. Each lot is 46 feet wide with the large concrete slab you see us parked on . There is a man-made lake behind us and a new clubhouse, pool and spa next to the lake.

The reason we are here this trip is to supervise the installation of a new roof on our house in Cape Coral, FL. They started on Monday and probably will not be finished until Friday.

12/2 On Wednesday we drove out to visit Sanibel and Captiva islands. They are both beautiful and very exclusive islands. This picture was taken on a beach at the end of Captiva. The weather was is the 60's today, a little cool for this time of the year in Florida.
12/5 We went on a Poker Run that was sponsored by the Pine Island Boat Club on Sunday. We purchased cards that had seven spaces on them. We had to stop at seven locations to have cards dealt for each of the hands. None of us one anything, but the day and being out in the boat was wonderful.

We were boating around Captiva Island when we came across this house. Notice the airplane in his yard and the boat at the dock. The runway is next to the house and runs the width of the island. He also has a hanger under the house. We all agreed this is pretty much the ultimate property. Captiva can only be reached by boat or air and he has both options available.

12/6 We had the house in Cape Coral re-roofed this last week. They were supposed to be done in a three days, but it took six to finish it. Evidently the manpower shortage hit them hard so they were short handed all week. They did do an excellent job installing it. They found where the roof was leaking. When the original roof was installed, they forgot to put metal flashing on one side of the chimney. The roofers installed it this time.

12/8 Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. So of course, we must have a Christmas tree; we wouldn't want Santa to miss our humble little home.

It's difficult to tell from the picture, but we have 100 lights on our little three foot tree.

I think it looks pretty nice if you ask me!!

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