Atlanta, GA 9/13 - 9/18
Link to 11/19/99 visit

Here are the first pictures of our beautiful grandchild Klara Alexis Ballay. Klara arrived at 2:22 am, September 5, 2000. She weighed 6 lbs. 6 oz. and measured 20 inches. We will be traveling to Atlanta on the 12th and as loving grandparents you will see more pictures than you probably want to see. But that's what is great about the web, you can just stop looking whenever you want. (By the way, the first name is pronounced Klaura)

Well we finally made it to Atlanta to see our new grandchild; oh and of course to see her parents as well. As a completely unbiased observers Susan and I can say without prejudice that she is absolutely beautiful. I forget how small a new baby is and what a joy to just sit and look at her. Do I sound like a doting grandpa or what?

Here are Grandma and Mama with Klara. She is now 14 days old and is opening her eyes and trying to hold her head up. What a kid!

Now isn't this THE most beautiful baby you have ever seen?? I know there are some grandparents out there saying that their grandchild was much cuter than Klara, but they are just kidding themselves.

We are staying in Austell, GA at the Arrowhead Campground. This is where we have stayed in the past. It is very convenient to Ilse and Jamie, however, we were careful to get an end site so we would have room to park the car. The individual sites are very narrow.

Atlanta, GA 11/19 - 11/26

We are in Atlanta for Thanksgiving at Ilse and Jamie's house. Matthew and Eleanor are coming in Wednesday night from Knoxville. We are so looking forward to our little family being together again.

We are staying at the Arrowhead Campground in Austell, GA. It is just West of the Atlanta belt line and it takes us about 15 minutes to get to Ilse and Jamie's place.


It was Susan's birthday on Wednesday, 11/24 and these are the flowers a loving admirer sent to her.

This is our little family at Thanksgiving dinner. With Susan and I in Utah the last seven years and now traveling around the country, it is not often we all get together. Such a wonderful day with many cooks and wonderful results.

It was the kind of day I enjoy. Just hang out and enjoy each others company, play games, watch some old movies on TV and smell the turkey cook in the oven.

On Friday we all took a walk in Piedmont Park which is about three blocks from Jamie and Ilse's house.
It is amazing to have this beautiful haven in midtown Atlanta.


Matthew and Eleanor decided to do some roller blading in the park. It was a sunny but cool day; perfect for some "blading".

The picture on the right was taken at the lake in the middle of the park.

After our return from the walk, we rested on Jamie and Ilse's front porch.