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Day 57 - Vanderhoof, BC - The last full day of our marvelous adventure.

Pulling away from the campground we encountered something we have not seen in almost two months... TRAFFIC!

We are now in between mountain ranges and into an area of rolling green hills.

In the city of Houston, we saw the Worlds Largest Fly Rod. It is six times the size of the average fly rod.

We are passing through farmland where they have recently bailed hay.

I was wondering what this company was going to do with all these logs that were of about the same dimension.

My question was answered on the other side of the yard; it was a sawmill. Logs in.. boards out.

We arrived in Vanderhoof, BC. This city is located at the geographic center of British Columbia.

At 5:30 PM, we all met at the North Country Restaurant in Vanderhoof for our farewell dinner.

Jim and Mary Strahl in the back
Jan and Arida Brand in the front.

Claire and Ron Candelori in the rear
Ann and Ed Rzepka in the front.

Jack and Darlene Cooke on the left
Gary Smith and Kathy Hering on the right.

Jim and Betty Lenneman in the rear
Ivan and Carol Hoyt in the front.

Mark and Ann Joseph on the left
Claire Peck and Wayne Lawyer on the right.

Bill and Linda Napier on the left
Bruce and Joan Poppleton on the right.

Ann Mullane and Hal Lessar on the left
Ruth Buzzard, Marge and Marty Wilson on the right.

John and Joyce Olssen on the left
Susan and Bill Shallbetter on the right

We started with a salad bar and then our pre-ordered meals were served.

After the meal, Skeeter and Pat made two presentations:

it was Jack Cooke's birthday today and,
tomorrow is Joan and Bruce Poppleton's 51st wedding anniversary.

After the presentations we were asked to give a little talk about what the trip meant to each of us. Here Ruth Buzzard tells us that with all the problems she had, she still had a great time and kept smiling through it all. This lawyer takes a licking and keeps on ticking!

Clare Candelori tells us that even though this was their first caravan and their most arduous trip, they enjoyed the experience and have signed up for an Adventure Caravan trip to the Maritimes next year.

John Olssen thanks a number of people who helped him during the trip.

Marty thanks the staff for all their help and said he enjoyed the people and the adventure of this trip.
Good-bye the following morning!

The staff had coffee and donuts, and Jim Lenneman made fresh bread available for a good-bye breakfast.

This gave us an opportunity for a last chat, a good-bye,

and to make sure everyone knows they can stop and visit us if caravaners are in our home area.

The last remaining few are waving goodby to Marty, Marge and Ann as they head off to their next destination.

Everyone said they enjoyed the trip. We will all remember the great places we visited and will quickly forget some of the dusty and muddy roads we had to travel to get there. After all, how many people can say they drove their RV's as far north as you can travel by road in Canada!

To me, this is the kind of trip that puts the ADVENTURE into Adventure Caravans and, I would gladly do the whole trip all over again!

Bill Shallbetter - participant and webmaster.

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