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Day 55 - Stewart, BC and Hyder, AK

Thanks to Larry Lee, we were all treated to hot pancakes this morning.

We had a nice enclosure, with picnic tables so we could sit, relax and enjoy both the company and the pancakes.

We set out to see the Salmon Glacier this morning and as we went by the harbor there was a low hanging fog that looked magical with one of the piers in the foreground.

What a delightful day. We were told it had rained for almost two weeks and this was the first sunny day they had. What luck for us!

We drove up Salmon Canyon and there were a number of these small creeks being fed by snow that was still present at the top of the mountains.

This is Premier Gold Company which has started to mine gold again. The two cities are excited to see this because it means extra employment and business opportunities for the merchants.

This is a small man-made lake used in the mining process.

Another view of the lake.

Our first sighting of Salmon Glacier.

It just seemed to grow and grow as we headed higher up the canyon.

This is a hanging glacier which probably comes off the same ice field as Salmon Glacier.

This unplanned get together just happened, so I thought I'd take advantage of the situation and snap a group picture.

We are seeing most of the glacier now.

We finally get to see the toe of the glacier where it is feeding into the river.

What a gorgeous site and what an expanse of ice.

This is a close-up of the surface of the glacier. You can see the pure blue ice in the cracks.

We went back to the campground for the travel briefing and then headed out for dinner. I had just turned the corner from the campground, when I saw this bear crossing the street into a residential street.

There is no border crossing stop going into Alaska, but there is a Canadian Customs coming out.

Hyder is pretty much a ghost town. There is a sign along the main street that reads:
"The Friendliest Ghost Town in Alaska".

There are a still few businesses that cater to tourists. There are about 100 people living in the town.

A number of us were heading to "The Bus" to eat dinner. She has seating outside and inside a room behind the bus.

The owner is taking orders for dinner. You cannot be in a hurry when you are here because she makes two orders at a time.

With our larger group, we chose to eat inside.

Jan is showing off his Dungeness Crab dinner.

After dinner a few of us went up to see if we could spot any bears. This is the walk from the additional parking area to the viewing area.

This is the elevated viewing area. The bears come down to the stream to find salmon.

We were very fortunate to see this mama Grizzly and her three year old cub. The picture is somewhat deceiving, the cub was smaller than mom.
I caught mama Grizzly successfully going after a salmon. (You can stop the action by moving your cursor over the picture.)

When we left the bears we drove out on the jetty to the municipal boat launch.

If I had looked underneath before driving out here, I doubt I would have driven on it.

They have a floating dock and a boat launch ramp, which had a giant log and other debris on it.

Looking toward Stewart.

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