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Day 54 - Stewart, BC and Hyder, AK

Today was just the opposite of the last few days; we started with a cloudy sky and finished with a wonderful, warm sunny day.

Our first stop was about 10 miles from Dease Lake where a culvert was being installed in the road. The flag girl said it would be five minutes, but about 25 minutes later we were able to pass through the construction.

Our first glimpse of the Cassiar Mountains; after all, this is the Cassiar Highway.

We encountered a number of different bridge styles today, this unusual design is over the Stikane River.

Hey, we're driving in Canada, it's Summer, so there will be road construction! This one seemed a little dicey since it was about a lane and a 1/4 wide.

As we came over the top of a hill, we saw this beautiful site; it is Mount Edziza, elevation 9,143 feet and its cinder cone. This is the only view we had. We were hoping for a turn-out to see more of it, but in a few miles it was out of site.

This was just an OOOH, AAAH day. It seems like around every turn we made, there was a view more spectacular than the last one.

This is looking over one of the many lakes we passed.

There were a number of these wood-planked bridges. They look like they would be very slippery when wet.

Just another gorgeous view.

The next pictures need no further comment...

A number of us stopped at the Bell 2 Lodge to refuel both our rigs and our bodies.

The lodge has a couple cabins that are partially covered by berms and have dirt roofs growing grass.

A wide angle view of a Cassiar ridge line.

We are getting closer to Stewart.

It was surprising to see so much snow in the mountains this late in the summer.

We are driving into a valley, and the snow we see is above the Bear Glacier.

This is Bear Glacier. At one time this glacier reached the opposite side of the valley. The original road is high on the mountain on this side of the river.

The blue ice of the glacier is showing through in the rough area on the left side of the glacier.

A closer look at the toe of the glacier where the water is rushing out from under it.

Not sure if this is why it's called Bear Glacier, but if you use your imagination, you can see a rock formation that appears to be a bear looking down at the glacier.

Speaking of bears! This one crossed the road in front of us. Just about everyone saw bears along the road today.

We arrived in Stewart about mid afternoon.

Hmmm, Ruth's Jeep seems to be attracting attention again.

The main attraction is outside of Hyder, Alaska. Yup, we had to cross the border into the USA, headed for the Fish Creek Wildlife Observation Site.

This is a National Park Fee Area, but we have our Golden Age Passports, so we didn't have to pay.

We did see one bear at a distance, but Arida took pictures of this Black Bear in the river looking for salmon. (Arida Brand)

No luck at fresh Salmon, but he smelled something on the shore. (Arida Brand)

Evidently another bear left this tasty morsel, so it was easier than trying to catch one in the river.
(Arida Brand)
Ivan caught this male Grizzly catching this male salmon in the river. Why male salmon? Watch this very carefully. (Ivan Hoyt)

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