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Day 53 - Dease Lake, BC

Today we left the Yukon Territory behind as we drove into British Columbia. Once more we had a lovely morning to start our day's journey.

We are now driving on the Cassiar Highway. It looks like it is gravel, but it is a hard surface road. I believe they call it "Seal Coated". This is where they lay down gravel, then a layer of tar and then another layer of gravel and roll it into the tar.

It seems like we drove for miles and miles in areas that had been burned. Later, we discovered the fires had been caused by lightning over the last two years.

The fire in 2009 burned over 100,000 acres, and last year about 50,000 acres burned.
In the background we see the Cassiar Mountains.

Whoa, where's the party; what's the attraction?

It is the Cassiar Mountain Jade Store!

This store sells jade that is locally mined. You can buy a $10 piece or spend lots more! Many of us are bringing home gifts for children and grand children.

Again, as the day progresses we start to run into rain showers. The Cassiar mountains start to loom larger in our window.

The tree line is very visible in this photo as the mountains start to fill our windshield.

Most of us arrived at the Dease Lake Campground about mid afternoon. Not much to do in Dease Lake; there is a gas station, grocery store, and a gift shop.

Ed Rzepka found a sign identifying this as the Arctic-Pacific divide. All drainage on the south side of the sign flows into the Pacific Ocean and on the north side it flows into the Arctic Ocean. (Rzepka)

Actually, there is something else in town, the Northern Lights College. The building you see is the Dease Lake Campus.

After the driver's meeting, the staff had built a fire and we were invited to roast hot dogs or brats over a fire. Here Skeeter and Bill are doing just that.

The staff provided condiments, plus sauerkraut and beans to go with our feast. Betty is ready to take a big bite into her beautifully prepared dog.

For dessert we were treated to SMORES. Mary and Pat are preparing theirs,

while Joan is taking that first sticky bite of hers.

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