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Day 46 - Travel to Eagle Plains, YT

Today we all left Inuvik between 6:00 AM and 7:30 AM. The road was very good between Inuvik and the MacKenzie River Ferry, for gravel roads that is.

However, the ferry was supposed to start at 8:15 AM, but the first load did not go until a little after 9:00 AM. As a result, there were a number of gravel trucks and most of our caravan waiting to cross.

I loved the look of Ruth's bike. It looks like it should be in a modern art museum.

The MacKenzie ferry was easy to load and unload. The gravel pier was well groomed and not too steep.

A picture from my window as the ferry crossed the river.

Again we found good gravel roads; they must have been working on the road in the last few days.

Another lineup at the Peel River ferry crossing.

However, the gravel ramps on this one were not as well prepared as the first ferry. One of our group had the wheels of their 5th wheel sink into the gravel and get stuck. It took one of the loaders and a chain to pull him out.

There were a number of lovely little ponds along the way.

For about 20 miles or so, the road was being worked on.

We had heard they were widening the road,

and this stretch is where they were working,

and working....

Somewhere today, Ann and Ed saw this huge caribou. We had heard there was a large herd of them migrating, but this is the only one seen. (Rzepka)

As we climbed toward Wright Pass, the trans-boundary pass between the Yukon and the Northwest Territories, we started to get into the clouds.

Passing into the Yukon and setting our watches back an hour to Pacific time.

Ed and Ann passed through here about an hour earlier and got this beautiful shot of a cloud moving over the ridge into Wright Pass. (Rzepka)

Looking west from Wright Pass.

We were continually amazed how quickly the surroundings change as you move from one area into another.

Passing the Arctic Circle again.

Ruth stopped to take a picture and when she went to start the car... it wouldn't!. But, like any good Caravan, the members behind her stopped to help. (Ann Lee)

After help from Ron, Wayne, Larry, Mark and Jim they cleaned the battery posts and then Jim used his jump-start to get Ruth's Jeep going. (Ann Lee)

Ruth is happy to hear the car start again. (Ann Lee)

We arrived at Eagle Plains, our destination for tonight, in a light rain. This is a good thing on gravel roads because it keeps down the dust.

Somehow, our rig became the gathering spot for anyone who passed by our door. It was great fun as a little wine was consumed before dinner.

It looked like everyone in the caravan had the same idea: LEO...LET'S EAT OUT!

At 11:30 PM everyone is tucked in and dreaming of dusty roads in the morning.

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