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Day 42 - Inuvik, NWT

The roads on the first leg of our trip to the Mackenzie River Crossing were fair. The terrain was mostly tundra with small Black Spruce being the dominant tree.

We were not sure about this sign, but we believe it was the town dump.

This was the view as we approached the Mackenzie River crossing. The town of Tsiigehtchic is on the right across the Red River, which flows into the McKenzie on the left.
If you click on the town in the RH corner, you may view a larger picture of the town.

We arrived just as they were loading up the ferry prior to departure.

This is a standard ferry with four diesel engines driving it; two in each end.

We have learned quite a bit from interpretive centers about the native fishing camps along the rivers. Here is one next to the ferry crossing where fish are caught, processed and dried.

After we stopped, four memebers of our Caravan pulled up behind us to wait. Of course, we had to have a mini-social gathering to see how everyone did on this morning drive!

Here's Bill, waiting for his ship to come in.

The ferry crossing is fairly quick, so it didn't take too long for us to be loaded. Ron and Clare are pulling their rig onto the ferry.

We have NWT Passport books that we wanted to have initialed; a few of us went up to the Pilot House to have the captain sign them. The Captain was very friendly and informative. He is on a 6 month leave of absence from the Canadian Navy where he is a Captain.

Since he has 21 years in the Navy, he is considering retirement, and he was trying his hand at this job first. His salary is $14,000 per month, and the job lasts 5 months; he is seriously considering retirement!

This trip he had to stop at Tsiigehtchic to drop off one passenger truck and pick up another.

Then he took off to the other side of the MacKenzie to off-load us.

We are approaching the other side of the river; it is time for us to go down and get into our rigs to continue our journey.

On the way down the ladder we noticed the swallow nests built under the Pilot House.

The roads on this side were much better than the roads this morning. We could up the speed quite a bit.

We stopped off at this view point. Go ahead and try the pronunciation... I had trouble writing it correctly.

The path started out as a boardwalk over the tundra. Once it got to a rocky ridge, it was gravel.

This wonderful Inukshuk was along the trail. It is about three feet tall.

The view was well worth the short walk. That is Campbell Lake in the distance which is an example of a reversing delta. During the spring flood, the east channel of the Mackenzie Delta backs up into the lake. The cliffs around the lake are home to raptors such as Peregrine Falcons.

WE MADE IT!! We have finally arrived in Inuvik, NWT!

No it is not a low flying plane, it is a weather vane as we enter the town. The propeller is actually turning!

We are staying at Happy Valley Territorial Park, which is located at the edge of town overlooking one of the Twin Lakes. This is one of the sites looking out toward the lake.

We had a social hour tonight where we gathered to talk about the days journey and to have Pat give us a schedule for Friday's activities.

A Seagull landed on Ed and Ann's trailer...

and Pat was doing her best to try to get it to eat out of her hand.

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