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Day 36 - Travel to Dawson City, YT

The day started out a little dreary. This is looking down the Yukon River from the campground.
Ruth and Ann are looking at Wayne with a great deal of concern. He got up there, but can he get back down? No problem, he sealed a leak in the roof and made it down safely.

Our next stop was the Tage Cho Hudan interpretive Centre.

The centre showcases the past and present culture of the Northern Tutchone with many fascinating exhibits.

There are indoor exhibits including a dugout canoe, a rare collection of stone and bone tools, and traditional clothing outfits.

Out side they had a demonstration of cleaning a moose hide. Here two girls were using, what looks like giant ulu's to clean the hide. (Betty Lenneman)

We had another on and off rain day. It did make for some interesting pictures.

This is Five Finger Rapids on the Yukon River. The swift water and narrow channels through rapids posed a formidable danger to the overloaded boats and rafts of the 1898 Klondike stampeders. Whitehorse-bound sternwheelers had to winch themselves over the 1-2 foot drop in the navgable channel until an underwater obstacle was blasted away.

There were 151 steps leading down to a path to the edge of the river where you could view Five Finger Rapids.

This little plant caught my attention - the way the water droplets were so symmetrical on adjoining leaves.

A view of the steps from the bottom. I took it on as a personal challenge to go all the way to the bottom. However, I wasn't sure if I was going to make it back to the top to document my success!

Our next stop was at the Selkirk First Nation Heritage Centre which is housed in a replica of Fort Selkirk's Big Johnson House at Pelly Crossing.

Inside there is a range of displays of local artists and local handmade products available for sale including mukluks, moccasins, mitts, baby booties and handmade jewelry. The Centre also has information about the nomadic history of the Northern Tutchone people living around the Pelly River and Fort Selkirk area.

One of the view points on the Yukon River. Even with the gray day it was a beautiful site.

An amazing sight we encountered more than you may expect... people bicycling the Alaskan Highway. This was a team of two women bikers.

The only construction delay we had today was at this bridge. The lights on either side have timers to control one-way traffic across the bridge.

Just over a hill and to our right, most of us saw these two airplanes parked in a turnout next to the highway! We all wondered what they were doing there. Fortunately, Gary Smith was curious enough to go back and talk with them. (Gary Smith)

The four gentlemen were flying from Dawson City to Pelly Crossing this morning when they were forced to land on the highway due to poor visibility. There were two retired engineers and two school teachers from Seattle who were on a multi day outing. They're just waiting for the weather to improve before taking off again. (Gary Smith)

Arriving on the outskirts of Dawson City, we saw this city sign.

Miles of these heaps of rocks are lined up in rows and left over after the gold dredging machines 'ate up' the river bottoms mining for gold. The dredges first arrived in 1905 and continued being used through 1966.

We had a social this evening, and

Pat Brooks, the owner of the campground, gave us a wonderful talk about the history of Dawson City and what not to miss while we are visiting here.

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