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Day 31 - Travel to Liard Hot Springs, BC

This morning we had 104 miles of dusty gravel road to drive. But, wait...what is that ahead?

It's just another Wood Bison ambling along the road.

Just a dusty picture from Ernie and Ruth Lindgren's vehicle while driving on the gravel road today! (Lindgren)

The British Columbia border sign was a very welcome sight because we were now on paved roads again.

This is the wooden Nelson Bridge across the Fort Nelson River. It looked very intimidating as we approached, and that didn't change while driving across. (Lindgren)
The bridge is 1,410 feet long and 14 feet wide with a span of 230 feet from pier to pier. The road bed is made of wood planks which, according to the signs, are slippery when wet. I'll just bet they are!

The road started a gentle climb.

We spotted this bear along the road just munching away like there weren't any cars within miles. (Candelori)

Is this youngster a caribou or a reindeer?

This moose was eating along side of the road; when we slowed down to take a picture, he dashed off.

We drove along this ridge as we traversed the Northern Canadian Rocky Mountains.

There were a number of signs telling us to watch for Stone Sheep...
Ron and Clare were fortunate enough to see this family eating along the road. (Candelori)

This Stone Sheep is typical of those found in British Columbia...slighter and darker than the Bighorn Sheep of the Rocky Mountains. (Lindgren)

We stopped at Toad River Lodge to have lunch and refuel our rig as well.

The Lodge claims that nearly 7,000 brimmed caps are nailed to the ceilings and walls of the restaurant!

Known for its beautiful green and blue waters, due to copper oxide leaching into the lake, the seven mile long, one mile wide Muncho Lake had numerous pullouts along the road so we could stop and enjoy the vistas

I wish we had stopped to talk with this peace walker to learn what he was trying to accomplish. (Candelori)

The last bridge we crossed before arriving at Liard River Hotsprings Provincial Park is the only remaining suspension bridge on the Alaska Highway. It is 1,143 feet long and was built in 1943. (Lindgren)

Then we saw another strange man... oh wait, it's Skeeter riding a bike and leading each of our caravaners to their campsite. What a great way to get some exercise and help us at the same time! Way to go Skeeter!

After arriving at the campground and parking our rigs, some of us went immediately for a swim in the hot springs! This boardwalk trail that leads to the hot springs passes over a wetland environment that supports over 14 orchid species and 250 plants that survive at this latitude because of the presence of the hot springs.

There are two hot spring pools,

with water temperatures ranging from 108 to 126 degrees. They have easy access to both pools with handrails and steps leading into them.

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