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Day 28 - Travel to Fort Simpson, NWT

Today we left Fort Providence about 8:45 AM and went to the ferry across the Mackenzie River. We were told that the new bridge had some engineering problems and is in cost overrun. I was a little concerned about the dip in the steel work at the second support. Hmmm, I would think it should be fairly level all the way across.

Here we are packed in like sardines, and heading back across the Mackenzie River.

We were told the road to Fort Simpson was gravel, so when we started out driving on a nice smooth surface, we thought we were in luck.

That all changed in about 15 miles when the road had a number of gravel areas we had to drive through.

Then we came to the normal summer activity (road repair!) in Canada. It was nice that we had light sprinkles most of the day that kept the dust down.

Not long after that the road did turn to gravel, and there were some pretty tough stretches. Our speed was anywhere from 5 MPH, with short bursts up to 40 MPH. On the average, our speed was between 30 & 35 MPH.

This is Sambaa Deh Falls on the Trout River, upstream of the bridge,

and the actual falls is downstream of the river. Since the picture was taken above the falls, it is difficult to see.

This was a bit nerve racking! We passed a grader pushing this 18" high berm of gravel, so we were forced to drive on the wrong sideof the road. At the same time we were wondering what we would do if we encountered traffic from the other direction... when we saw a road grader grading the rest of the road heading right for us... NOW WHAT!

Fortunately he saw us in plenty of time to grade the berm smooth so we could cross back into our lane. PHEW, THAT WAS CLOSE. Thank You Sir!

Ivan and Carol Hoyt stopped at Wallace Creek and saw a sign directing them to a 15 minute walk back to the Wallace Creek Falls. (Ivan Hoyt)

Ivan said the trail was not used very much and was difficult to follow. When he arrived at the first falls he was wondering if this was the falls. But since the trail continued, he kept following it. (Ivan Hoyt)

Arriving at the next falls he wondered the same thing, "Am I there yet?", but the trail continued.. (Ivan Hoyt)

to the third and final Wallace Creek Falls, at least this is where the trail ended. What a beautiful falls it was.
(Ivan Hoyt)

Thanks for sharing Ivan!

We arrived at the ferry across the Liard River in time to see Hal and the Napiers loading onto the ferry.

Meanwhile, we waited along with Ed and Ann. Notice the light dirt color all the vehicles have in common?!

Here we are unloading from the ferry on the other side of the river.

Ed and Ann were next off the ferry.

A short drive later we arrived at Fort Simpson Territorial Park

Like the other parks we had large pull-through or back-in sites with 20 and 30 amp power.

Wayne and Claire's car was pretty typical of how the towed vehicles fared on the journey.

Many rocks get picked up by the the mud flaps and thrown onto the cars. I had the same problem and I have removed my mud flap. Now... we'll have to see what happens at the next stop.

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