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Day 22 - Travel to Fort Providence, NWT

This is downtown Hay River at 9:30 AM on July 1st, which is Canada Day. It's like our 4th of July, so some of us decided to stay for the parade which was scheduled to start at 10:00 AM. However, the locals knew it would be late starting so no need to hurry to find a place on the sidewalk.

When the parade finally arrived at 10:45 AM, the street was lined with people and the RCMP led the parade.

RCMP you ask; that's the local Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment.

As with any parade, there were flag bearers; these displayed flags of the countries participating in the Jet Boat Races.

What would a parade be without kids?

Since a huge part of today's celebration is the Jet Boat Races on the Hay River...

there were plenty of Jet Boats in the parade.

Interspersed among the Jet Boats were a spattering of groups like the S.P.C.A shown above;

and floats made from trailers and decorated with the red and white of Canada.

Jet Boats came from all over the world, this one is from Mexico.

This one is from the USA. Can you tell?

Notice the big round stack coming from the engine compartment, it has to be a turbine engine.

This was the only boat with an enclosed cockpit...

then I saw the back and saw two turbine exhausts; no wonder it has an enclosed cockpit. How fast will this baby travel?

There were boats coming from as far as New Zealand!

Taking up the rear of the parade was this unit from Rose Hill Waterservice, which had a spray coming out of both sides of the unit he was towing.. what a refreshing surprise for the bystanders!

Ruth searched out one of the Mounties, but he declined to run shot-gun for her on the way to Fort Providence. Evidently he had a prior commitment!

Susan Shallbetter got into the spirit with her Canadian flag and the maple leaf tattoo on her cheek. Sure hope that washes off... she may have some explaining to do when she crosses the border back to the USA.

After the parade it was off to our next stop at Fort Providence. We chuckled when the indicator in the upper left of the GPS screen showed a boat.

We arrived at the ferry just as it was loading for a trip across the Mackenzie River.

Three of us from the Caravan were in line for the next ferry crossing. The cycle time was just over 15 minutes.

This is the new bridge they are building across the Mackenzie River. The plan is to have the bridge operational by November of this year. They certainly have a long way to go to make that goal.

Note the bridge they have built, just to get equipment out to build the real bridge.

Quite an impressive site. I'd love to be here when they make the connection in the middle.

When we arrived on the other side, we were greeted by this sign, and these Wood Buffalo sleeping in the midst of the construction equipment. (Clare Candelori)

The Mackenzie Bison Sanctuary is home to the largest, free-roaming population of healthy Wood Bison in the world. The Sanctuary was established in 1963, when 18 animals were transplanted from Wood Buffalo National Park.

We went back later to find the Bison moving to another area. American Bison are big, but the Wood Bison are bigger!

When 20 or more Wood Bison crowd onto the road for relief from insects, you just have to wait until they decide to move.

The campground was just beautiful; with huge pull throughs for each site and 30 amp plugs.

It was a perfect day, with the temp in the low 70's, a light breeze to keep the bugs away and a beautiful view of the Mackenzie River as a tug pushes up stream.

We had a social gathering in the evening. Here Wayne, Betty and Jim show their support for Canada Day with their unique headwear.

We had a wonderful snack table, which some of us called dinner.

Today was Ann and Mark Joseph's 50th wedding anniversary,

and Wayne and Claire made them a cake and cup cakes for all of us.



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