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Day 19 - Travel to Hay River, NWT

Today we left Peace River, AB heading toward Hay River in the Northwest Territories (NWT). We were greeted with this sign as we crossed into the NWT.

Just beyond the sign was NWT welcome center with a Wood Buffalo statue dominating the lawn.

Inside we found information on the NWT along with pictures and maps showing what there was to see while we were here. Jan is taking a picture of Arida standing in front of a stuffed Polar Bear.

There was a walkway to visit the cairn marking the 60th parallel.

The cairn marking the 60th parallel was constructed in 1964 by the Great Slave Lake Railway Line when it connected the NWT to the rest of Canada.

We were told at the information center to stop at the Twin Falls Gorge Park as we traveled toward Hay River.

On the right is Alexandra Falls which is 109 feet tall. It is the first of the twin falls. The picture to the left is looking down stream from the falls.

The second falls is three-tiered Louise Falls with a 50 foot drop. It is not as high as Alexandra Falls, but it was spectacular in its own way.

On the way to Hay River we saw Ivan and Carol's van parked on a dirt road, not too far from the entrance to Louise Falls (Ivan Hoyt)

What they were doing is walking back to this beautiful Escarpment Creek Waterfall. (Ivan Hoyt)

Hay River has a wonderful welcome sign. It seems most cities up here try to dress up their welcome signs showing they are very interested in having visitors.

We just read that the maximum amount of daylight in Hay River is on June 21st with 19 hours and 4 minutes..."in summer quite the other way I have to go to bed by day."

Our destination was the campground at Hay River Territorial Park.

They have super long pull-through sites. This is a good thing because they only had 14 sites available for our Caravan so some of us doubled up in sites.

We were all invited to a social hour held in this nice little log building.

Today it was the even numbered rigs turn to bring the munchies for the social.

Bill was kept busy with his electronic bug zapper taking care of the huge deer flies that came in through the door when anyone entered. Fortunately, they were mostly after mosquitoes and not us. (Marty Wilson)

The campground is next to Great Slave Lake with a nice wooden boardwalk going to the beach.

The boardwalk let to a wide sandy beach.

The long sandy beach was dotted with fire pits and picnic tables placed at intervals along its length.

A lone fishing boat was out and they must have been catching something with the number of birds tracking their progress. The Whitefish is the commercial catch in the Great Slave Lake.

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