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Day 18 - High Level, AB

As we travel North, we are getting out of the plains of Alberta and entering the more wooded areas.

High Level, AB was our destination today. (Ed Rzepka)

The campground where we stayed tonight had a combination of electric power sites in the woods ...

and dry camping next to a scenic little pond.

A pond that was home to the local beaver.

After we were all settled, we took a trip to the Mackenzie Crossroads Museum and Visitor's Centre.

From the outside it looked like a fairly new building with a hugh totem in the front.

When we entered, we received a welcome from one of the employees who explained how the museum was arranged and said our tour was self-guided.

The rooms were laid out in period fashion with items from each era displayed.

These were labeled "Rabbit Snowshoes"... I was amazed there were rabbits big enough to wear snowshoes! I was corrected; these were snowshoes made from rabbit hide.

I guess I must be showing my age, but I used some of the items as a child and now they have them in a museum... groan!

This represented a trading post with all the items that may have been sold displayed on shelves lining the walls.

We drove into High Level to see the murals that were painted on some walls in town. Each one had a plaque explaining who painted the mural and the subject of each. This one depicts the river boat traffic on the Peace River starting in 1905.

This mural is celebrating 35 years of the Royal Canadian Police presence in High Level. The mural has been there quite a while, because RCMP have now been in High Level for 58 years. (Ed Rzepka)

Another mural is actually three panels, called "Glimpses Through Time".

"The Rodeo" is the title of this mural. Alberta rodeos are popular, well-attended events. High Level and other regional communities traditionally host their rodeos in June, July and August

When we arrived back in camp, Marty and Marge mentioned they had a woodpecker nest out their kitchen window. The hole was about a silver dollar size and obviously was large enough for a full family of chicks from the sounds of the hungry young inside.

The mother and father alternately came in and fed the young.

Once done, they would stick their head out...

push off and fly away to find more food.

At 7:00 PM we had our travel briefing for the travel day to Hay River in the Northwest Territory.

After the briefing, we were treated to a S'more Night.

For any of you city folks who never ate a s'more, it is a roasted marshmallow, between two graham crackers with slab of Hershey bar inside.

Mary says mmmm..mmmmmm. At least I think that is what she said!

Ivan on the other hand, has quite a dilemma; remove the netting and subject his head to mosquitoes, or give his s'more to Carol. Carol won out.

Betty and Pat are hard at it, roasting the marshmallows to a beautiful golden brown.

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