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Day 11 - Edmonton, AB

Since the weather was still rainy, the tour scheduled to Fort Edmonton Park was moved to Tuesday and we were given a free day. Most of us went to West Edmonton Mall, which claims to be North America's largest shopping and entertainment center and Alberta's #1 tourest attraction.

The Mall contains more than 800 stores and services, 13 movie theaters, more than 100 eateries, and nine major theme attractions.

This is Galaxyland featuring 25 rides and attractions most suitable for the younger kids.

There is a full size hockey rink where you can rent skates, or bring your own and glide across the ice no matter what the temperature outside.

This is the entry to the Deep Sea Adventure theme attraction.

I took this from a bridge crossing the lake, featuring a submarine that travels completely around the lake.

This is a replica of a pirate ship in the mall.

The mall is also home to 3 sea lions who perform twice a day at 2:00 and 4:00 PM.

World Waterpark offers more than 5 acres of indoor fun! There are 13 water slides from beginner to extreme. As you can see, the pool was immense.

This pool also generated it's own waves. It was better than being at an ocean beach; warm water and no fish with teeth!

Center of Gravity: you are put into a harness which is connected to a strap that attaches to an overhead rail. Then you can then move to three different levels and walk across girders, boards placed at angles, swinging rope bridges, etc. It looked very challenging.

There were a number of themed courts in the mall, this one is Europa Boulevard,

and this of course is Chinatown.
The entertainment areas looked like great fun, but this Mall is so huge, I doubt I would shop there.

It was Wayne Lawyer's 81st birthday so we got together to help him celebrate. Ann Lee is presenting Wayne with a present, she says will go with his hat.

The present was this set of oversized glasses.

Wayne is ready to dish up some birthday cake, we had a choice of three cakes, two of which Wayne baked himself.

Happy 81st Birthday to you Wayne.

The group is getting a little more rowdy as we get to know each other better.

Skeeter and Pat gave us a driver's briefing for our next travel day, which will be on Wednesday. We will be going directly to Peace River, AB from Edmonton.

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