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Day 9 - Stettler, AB

Guess what... it rained again today. This is the scene as a couple of our members were arriving at the campground.

As you can see from Pat's umbrella, it was rainy and windy. She ruined two bumbershoots today!

The transportation we had to our adventure for the day was an open tram with a top. Hey, all part of the adventure!

Today we are treated to a railway excursion to Big Valley, AB on the Alberta Prairie Railroad. The roundtrip ride is 42.4 miles.

We were greeted by this gentleman with a huge handlebar mustache and western gear. He chatted and kidded with us before moving on to the next car.

Then the law showed up; this is the sheriff, and did he look the part. Scroungy beard, long hair and dressed in real buckskins.

I was trying to take a picture of the outside of the train when this scary creature appeared and almost made me drop my camera. Oh, it was just scary Ed!

Many of us headed up to the saloon car to have some liquid refreshment and listen to the very entertaining musician.

Susan Shallbetter is collecting pop tops, but we had to tell her she could not take them out of the trash can!

Holy rawhide! We are being attacked by desperados who intend to rob the train. (Arida Brand)

Now here is one nasty looking hombre! (Arida Brand)

While the other robbers were stopping the train, their leader was robbing us. Actually, all the money they collected went to a local children's hospital. They collected over $440.

Meanwhile outside, the sheriff is going after the bandits.

Wow, nice shooting sheriff, you got him. One of our group shouted to the outlaw on the ground, "Hey, your fly is open".

The outlaw waited a minute and then put his hat over his fly. This absolutely broke up everybody and we all applauded him for his quick thinking.

Again, the sheriff continues to round up the remaining banditos.

He downs one of the bandits, pulls out another six shooter, and drops two more from their horses. This was great fun for all.

It was still raining when we arrived at Big Valley and walked to Jubilee Hall in the center of town (two blocks).

Once we were all seated we were directed through the buffet line for our meal.

And what a meal it was. Yes, that is a huge slab of prime rib with all the fixins!

We all enjoyed the good food and conversation.

After dinner we were all treated to a wonderful show with many songs from the 50's.

It had a wonderful storyline about a 10 year college class reunion with wonderful music and good humor.

We had about an hour to wander around town after the show and to our surprise and elation, it had stopped raining. This is the dining hall and I enjoyed the murals on the building.

This is the center of the town of Big Valley. Not much going on tonight but the Alberta Prairie Excursion.

However, the local shopping center was open and offered ice cream and baked goods that were purchased by many of our folks.

The steam engine that pulled our train was built in Philadelphia in 1920. It is powered by reclaimed and re-refined oil rather than coal, and uses 100 gallons of water every mile travelled.

At 7:00 PM, we boarded the train for the ride back to Stettler, AB.

Big Valley train station.

On the way back we were treated to more entertainment and music.

Our entertainer was teasing Bruce Poppleton, in a good-natured way, so Bruce is taking a well deserved bow. It was a little after 8:30 PM when we arrived in Stettler, so we returned to the campground and called it a day.

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