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Day 4 - Hill Spring, AB (Free day for us to explore the area)

Most of us made our way to Waterton Lakes National Park which was less than an hour drive away. We are looking over Waterton Lake with the Prince of Wales Hotel to the right-center of the picture.

The information center was a must stop for us to determine what we should see and pickup maps and literature about the park.

Of course we had to see the Prince of Wales Hotel! The hotel was built between 1926 and 1927 as a result of the expansion of the Canadian National Railroad that built a series of these hotels in National Parks in an effort to encourage tourism.

What a view! High Tea is served in the hotel off the lobby as you look out the front window overlooking Waterton Lake. I can't imagine how they get people to leave after finishing their meal. Each staff member wears a red Scottish kilt with the matching sash.

Next was a stop in the small town of Waterton Lakes. Very quaint with a number of restaurants and eclectic shops to choose from.

View from the shore looking toward Glacier Park to the South. It was a windy, chilly day.
As we were leaving town, these three mountain goats walked down the street and stopped to have a meal on the very edge of town.

Our next leg of the trip was to drive up Akamina Parkway where we were treated to a number of waterfalls caused by the melting snow in the mountains.

These gates were about 3/4 of the way up the parkway. We could see the snow along the highway ahead of us. This was our first snow along the road.

However, when we reached the end of the road at Cameron Lake, the snow was piled in heaps over 8 feet tall.

The path to the lake was plowed leaving the embankments on either side. Arida and Jan were just walking back as we arrived.

Whoops, Ruth Lindgren is trying her arm with a snowball. Hah, hah you missed!!

Cameron lake was still frozen over and the hiking trails were only passable with snowshoes.

After leaving Akamina Parkway we drove up Red Rock Parkway. As you can see by this photo, it is very well named. (Ed Rzepka)

This was a very unusual sighting. A mama bear with her three cups were strolling along beside the road. (Ed Rzepka)

This mama bear was also along the road and was not very pleased about the truck that was stopped so near. (Ed Rzepka)

Then Ann and Ed saw what she was concerned about. She had sent her cub up a tree for safety. (Ed Rzepka)

This Mule Deer had just crossed the road in front of us and stopped to see what we were doing.

Although most of the day was windy, rainy and cold, as we left the park (of course), the sun came out and it turned out to be a lovely evening.

There was a pot-luck dinner planned for this evening so we all ate very well. We have a number of marvelous cooks on this Caravan. Whoopee!

After dinner, Skeeter gave his travel briefing for the following day and we all marked our Trip Log Book with helpful notes to enable us find our way to the next campground.

We were instructed to each bring a White Elephant gift for the evening. This was great fun. You could either take a new bag, or take a bag from someone who had already chosen a gift.

Mark Joseph has chosen a bag that had an Easter basket. I guess it was safe to assume nobody would be taking that away from him.

Arida received something...we're not sure what it is but we all had suggestions about its usefulness!

Linda seems pleased with her new magnifying mirror; she truly is just the 'fairest one of all'!
Overall it was a very enjoyable day, despite the weather. A trip to Waterton Lakes National Park is always worthwhile in any weather. Then to top the day off with a wonderful meal and a fun White Elephant party was just the frosting on the cake.

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