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Day 2 - Travel to Hill Spring, AB

Since this is a travel day, Jim our Tail Gunner, is going around thumping the tires on each rig, checking for any tire problems.

Traveling North north from Great Falls, MT the roads are smooth and the land is rolling hills and grassland prairies with mountains in the background.
CustomsCrossing into Canada through the the Canadian Customs at Couttos was very easy for all of us. Alberta
The Alberta welcome sign.

The first stop was at the Alberta Travel information and Interpretive Center.

They have a life-size Tyrannosaurus Rex on display. Susan Shallbetter is 5' tall.

The inside of the center is very impressive with many displays explaining the history of Alberta.

Jan and Arida read a display about Calgary.

There were pavers in front of the center with humorous sayings on them.

These two seemed to be aimed at our Caravan!

This part of Alberta was very similar to Montana.

The sign for Raymond, AB caught our attention.

It was raining as many of us arrived at the Great Canadian Barn Dance and Family Campground where the wet grass in the parking sites was very slippery.

So much so, that one of our group was not able to pull into their site, so Ernie Lindgren used his truck to pull them into place. This is another big advantage of traveling with a Caravan - we all help each other.

The Wagon Master always has a white board in the window of their rig with the upcoming events for the day, and usually the following day ready for referral.

Tonight we have a delicious chuck wagon dinner followed by line dance and two-step dance instructions at the Great Canadian Barn Dance

There was about a 1/2 hour delay before dinner and some of the ladies found the gift shop...a blue diamond ring worth $6,000 was the center of attention!

Ed Rzepka lost the key to his tail gate today (he later found it). A few of us decided to buy him a neck strap to keep that key from being misplaced again.

The owner introduced himself and his son and grandsons, and gave us a humorous introduction to our chuck wagon dinner.

We all had a grand time listening to their banter.

Dinner was served buffet style. We could go back for seconds (and thirds!) but with the size of the original portions, not many returned. The food was very good.

After dinner we were entertained by the entire family with three generations playing and singing for us.

It was Pat Craig's birthday and we surprised her with an intro by the band and a Happy Birthday song.

Trevor certainly 'got into' his song with his very expressive face.

After dinner we were treated to dance lessons upstairs in the barn. We learned a couple of line dances,

and a version of the two-step. It was great fun but that was more exercise than I've had for some time.

Dancing the two-step to lively country music.

After the rain today we had this wonderful rainbow to welcome the sun back again. (Ivan Hoyt)

Two views of the mountains from the campground looking Southwest toward Waterton Lakes National Park. It is just North of Glacier Park in the U.S.

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